Wednesday, August 22, 2012

How to avoid Skin Dryness?

Wear Rubber Gloves.

Always wear rubber gloves up to the elbows or mid forearms while working with detergents and ordinary soaps. At times due to occlusive nature of rubber gloves, the hands sweat and itching increases on wearing gloves. If this is the case, wear a pair of thin cotton gloves under the rubber gloves.

Shampoos are harmful to the skin

In people with dry skin, contact of the hands with shampoos is harmful and gloves should be worn while applying shampoo on the scalp. Wash away the shampoo with head leaned forward so that its chemicals don’t run through the rest of the body. Use mild & gentle shampoos 1-2 times weekly so that the skin of your scalp does not dry out.

Careful use of Ordinary Soaps

Daily, repeated use of ordinary bathing soaps may also increase dryness of the skin. For dry skin use a gentle, milder, oily soap preferably on alternate days. A general rule of thumb in choosing a suitable soap & Shampoo for your skin/scalp is that the skin should feel soft and smooth instead of being dry, rough & tight after using the soap/shampoo. Oily chemical free soaps are the best to use if your skin is extremely dry or people with dry skin want to take bath on daily basis with soaps. While washing your clothes, try to use detergents without dyes or perfumes, both of which can irritate your skin.

Avoid Taking bath with too warm/hot water

Taking bath with too warm/hot water for longer than 10 minutes washes away the natural oil from the skin. Therefore, take a bath/shower with luke warm water and that too for 5-10 minutes and never for more than 15 minutes. Taking bath with very cold water especially in winters is not helpful at all.

Skin Oiling after Bath

Apply a little oil on wet skin after a bath/shower, followed by gently pat drying the skin with a towel to wipe away excess oil.

Choose fabrics your skin loves

Natural fibers such as cotton and silk feel wonderful and allow your skin to breathe, therefore prefer wearing clothes made from these fabrics. The wool, pashmina and cashmere may irritate your skin; however, wearing a cotton underlay with such clothes might be helpful.

Keep your skin well moisturized

Keeping the skin well moisturized with regular, frequent and liberal use of moisturizers is the key to prevent and treat dry skin related problems.

How to Use Different Moisturizers?

There are three types of moisturizers.

a. Oils/Ointments like olive oil, coconut oil, sarsoon oil, Vaseline and petroleum jelly. These are the most effective moisturizers and once applied on the skin; their effect lasts for nearly 8-12 hours depending upon the amount applied. However, these are greasy and many people may not like to use them during the day time.

b. Creams: These have less moisturizing capability than the oils and ointments.
However, these are less greasy and have better cosmetic acceptance. In people with very dry skin, cream based moisturizers may not be sufficient alone and have to be applied once every few hours to be effective.

c. Lotions: Although cosmetically best, the lotions have least moisturizing effects but might be helpful in people with mildly dry skin or in summers when it is difficult to apply oily stuff on the skin. However lotions have better moisturizing capability and can be used if you don’t like greasy stuff on your skin.

d. The best practice is to use an oily/ointment based moisturizer at night time and a cream/lotion based moisturizer applied frequently during the day time.

How frequently one should apply the moisturizers This may range from twice daily to many times in a day depending upon the intensity of the dryness of the skin. The golden rule is that apply as many times as is required. Whenever, one feels the skin getting tight, rough and itchy, reapply the moisturizer.

Monday, August 6, 2012

What are the Main Factors Causing Skin Dryness?

In the following paragraphs, the factors which decrease the oil layer from our skin thus predisposing us to problems related to dry skin shall be described along with the measures for prevention and care of dry skin.

Familial/Genetically Determined Dry Skin

The dry skin may run in families/genes. Such people may have problems related to dryness round the year but get worse when exposed to the adverse environmental conditions. If you or a close relative suffer from asthma or nasal allergy, your skin is likely to be more sensitive & dry.

Newborn babies

In a significant proportion of newborn babies, the oil producing glands are immature and don’t produce enough oil to meet the requirements of the body. The result is thick scales/crusts on the scalp and red patches on face/body. The solution is regular & frequent (many times a day) oiling of the scalp and skin till the endogenous oil production improves with age reaching to optimum level at puberty.

Use of bubble baths

In babies bubble bath is harmful and results in dry patches on back at a site with maximum contact with chemicals absorbed in the foam layer of bath tub.

Old Age

Oil production in the skin decreases in old age. In women the skin gets dry sooner, around menopause but in most men with normal skin, significant dryness is apparent around 60 years of age.


Cold, dry, windy weather conditions as during winters and high altitudes aggravate dryness of the skin. Direct air from the air conditioners/heaters has the same effect. Heating in the homes, absorbs moisture from the room air and causes loss of water from the skin. A general rule is to keep the room temperature between 68F to 75 F and maintain humidity levels between 40-50% by using artificial humidifier. Most people show up the effects of dry skin in winters. In summers, when the sweat dries out, it leaves behind sweat chemicals on the skin. This has an irritating and drying effect on the skin. Sitting in the sun for prolonged hours dries out the skin as well.

Exposed Body Parts

The hands, feet, legs and arms are the most vulnerable parts of the body to suffer from dry skin problems because normally, the skin on these areas has least amount of oil & is subjected to repeated washing and adverse environmental conditions. These parts need more frequent use of moisturizers.

Too much cleanliness is counterproductive

Frequent washing/showering or bathing, especially if you like your showers hot and your baths long, breaks down the oil barriers in your skin. So does frequent swimming, particularly in heavily chlorinated pools.

Skin Rubbing and Scratching

Repeatedly scratching or rubbing of a body part brings more itching and scratching leading to never ending itch scratch cycle most of the times at subconscious level. The area being repeatedly scratched becomes rough, thick, fissured and may bleed. Such problems happen on easily accessible body parts like legs, hands, arms and neck.

Use of anti Septic / anti Bacterial Soaps

The much advertised antiseptic soaps/antibacterial soaps/anti germ soaps are most damaging to the skin & should not be used unless prescribed by a skin specialist. In fact, normal skin does not require any antiseptic soap. Perfumed soaps and the ones containing lauryl sulphate are also harmful to the skin. Adding antiseptic lotions to the bathing water or directly applying such stuff on skin should be avoided.

Use of Harsh Detergents

Harsh detergents like washing powders, surf, hard soaps for washing clothes should not be applied on the skin. Contact of such agents with the hands especially in housewives results in dryness, itching, chapping and cracking of the skin of the hands. The cuticle of the nails gets damaged and the strong chemicals of the detergents get trapped under the nail fold resulting in pain and swelling of the nail folds. Once the cuticle is damaged, it will take many months for repair that too if further damage from detergents is completely avoided. In addition to above it is necessary to take safetyprecautions against skin dryness

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

How Skin Dryness is the root of Skin Problems?

In our daily life, we never store any liquid in a container having holes in its base/floor for obvious reasons. Over 70% of our body is made up of water and it might look strange that this huge amount of water is retained in a container (skin) which has millions of holes (pores) in it. The question arises why don’t we get dehydrated by loosing water through our highly porous skin? Allah Almighty with His Great Hikmat (wisdom) has placed a thin layer of oil in the top layers of the skin. The water inside our body is unable to pass through this layer of oil and therefore we don’t loose any significant water through our skin. One can well imagine, what will happen if we loose this all important layer of the oil from our skin? If you have dry skin, you’re likely to experience one or more of the following:-

Thick scales/crusts on scalp and redness on cheeks/other parts can be seen in newborn babies.

      Appearance of white patches on face of young children, please note, these are not due to calcium deficiency.

      A feeling of tightness or tautness, especially after showering, bathing or swimming.

      A loss of plumpness, skin appears shrunken or dehydrated, feels and looks rough rather than smooth.

      Itching that sometimes may be intense.

      Slight to severe flaking or scaling.

Appearance of fine lines or cracks, severe redness of skin.

Appearance of deep fissures especially on soles/palms which may bleed.

The toe webs become itchy, dry & rough due to deposits of chemicals in soaps/shampoos used for bathing. 

The nail cuticle is lost and skin around the nail becomes red swollen and painful due to chemicals in soaps and detergents.

Keeping in view the above mentioned complications associated with skin dryness it is necessary to find out the reasons and mainfactors which cause skin dryness

Friday, May 18, 2012

How, What and why, Laser Hair Removal Manhattan

Now a days laser hair removal has become a simple and effective way to remove your unwanted hair. Howeverr there are some questions which are frequently asked about the laser hair treatment.

Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

Yes laser hair removal treatment depending upon the latest technology is capable to produce results over 80-90 % or better permanent reduction in both male and female skins of all type. One thing should be kpt in mind that number of sessions required for complete treatment may vary person to person on account of age, type of skin, hair thickness, color, texture and hormonal balance. Laser hair removal manhattan centre ensures guarantee of satisfaction.

How many sessions are required to achieve a smooth skin?

This is another question which is frequently asked; as per laser hair removal manhattan centre information given on their official site, 3-6 sessions are sufficient for complete treatment. More than 50%  hair are removed permanently after 3 sessions and more than 90% results are commonly achieved after 6 treatments. Similar results may be expected for most areas of body like bikiny area, under the arms, on the arms including facial and chest areas. The most challenging area is considered the back area of men which may need some extra sessions as per the situation. Keeping in view the result difference from person to person you may get the required results before other people.

 How long should I wait between treatment sessions? How do I know when to come for next session?

In case of facial hair after first treatment session hair usually sheds away within 10 days and your next treatment will be on new  hair groth which is commonly seen after 5-6 weeks after the first treatment. The second portions is legs which are the best place fo laser hair removal treatment. Only three treatments are sufficient to have smooth ingrown free legs and at least 50% of hair reduction will be achieved at laser hair removal manhattan center. First 3 treamtns may need 6-8 weeks apart then you may need to go under treatment  8-12 weeks. The key point to determine your next treatment requirement is to observe new hair growth which is an indication that next treatment is required.

 Will I have hair between the sessions?

During treatment most of the treated area will be cleaned from hair and rest of the treated hair takes only two weeks to leave the area smooth and clean. If you are repeating the treatment sessions in time your treated skin will remain hairless, smooth and clean.

 How soon do I expect to see results? How do I know it is working for me?

The results will be seen starting with you VERY FIRST laser hair removal treatment session. You will observe the hair growth less and hair will become finer and weaker day by day. After each treatment session your hair pores becomes less visible making your skin smoother and clean. The results normally becomes more impressive with each following session making you confident and satisfied.

 What are the risks or possible side effects involved?

Laser hair removal manhattan centre is capable to handle laser hair removal treatment without causing any demage to skin. Use of right machines by experienced staff it is safe to get laser hair treatment. However some common symptoms due to short term reactions, may occur like redness and follicular edema like goose bumps.  These symptoms take just a few minutes to some hours to fade away. No serous skin demage or other reaction is experienced during or after treatment.

 Does Laser Hair Removal hurt?

Does not hurt at all. You will notice that Cynosure 9300 which is being used laser hair removal manhattan center provides much more comfort feeling for the skin due to its powerful air cooling system as comapred to other laser hair treatment. It is very easy treatment proved for all people to remove unwanted hair from all areas of body.

 Is Laser Hair Removal for everyone?

White, grey, light red or light blond hair follicles can not be treated by laser hair removal treatment. Moreover people suffering with PCOS(Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) may not get 100% results unless they are supported medically along wtiht laser hair removal treatment.

 Can I choose to achieve finer and less hair in some areas rather than a full removal?

Surely it is possible and laser hair removal manhattan center can customize your treatment according to your requirements, expectations and needs. You can get treatment to weaken and reduce your hair in any area while leaving a certain hair amount as you like.

212-753-8888 or 877-3NOHAIR
Manhattan Laser Hair Removal
47 W. 57th Street
New York, NY 10019
between 5th and 6th avenues

Friday, May 4, 2012

3 Ways to Make your Breasts Big and Tightened

Beautiful, firm and tightened breasts is one of the essential parts of feminine beauty. So no body can deny that appearance of breast always been their thinking and having breasts tight, firm, healthy, beautiful and sexy are the dream of every woman. Here we discuss the natural ways to make breasts, beautiful, tight and firm with a sexy look.
Take Part in Healthy Sports
For a healthy body role of physical exercise can not be undermined, so always take part in healthy sports or atleast do physical exercise to keep your body healthy and strong. The reason behind is blood circulation which is improved by exercise and all the body parts get healthy blood which is necessary for its growth. Breasts are simililarly benefited with healthy exercise to improve their size and tightness. Do exercises to build up pectoral muscles which are situalted under the breasts and have an important location to raise your breasts up.
Use Papaya for Breast Tightning
Papaya has proved a very good breast stimulator having enzymes which also stimulate ovaries to produce specific hormones like estrogen, progestron and prolactin which are paved the mamary gland and tighten the breasts. So take a cup of papaya to make into juice with soy milk mixture as phyto-estrogen contained in soy have good effect on breasts. Then mix a little lime juice and 2 tablespoons of honey. Drink this delecious juice regularly on alternate days (with a gap of one day each)
Breast Mask for Tightning
Normally breast masks are prepared with rice flour or amylum materials. Rice flour is found useful to make breasts tightened with smooth skin and beautiful and sexy in look. Here is the complete procedure to know as how breast mask can be used.
a)    Clean your breast before applying mask. Soak a towel in warm water and wipe gently wrapping the breast skin and let them dry.
b)    Apply some oil on breast and massage it for 10-15 minutes slowly.
c)    Again clean the breasts with a damp towel and let them dry
d)    Take wet cotton to cover your breast’s nipples.
e)    Prepare mask by mixing rice flour and rose water and apply the same with the help of brush on breasts.
f)     Leave the mask on your breast for 10-15 minute or allow it to become dried.
g)    Apply warm water to clean your breasts and after that press with ice giving a pat on them gently with cotton already dampened freshner.
h)   This practice should be continued for at least 10 weeks for maximum results.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Top 10 Tips to Improve Healthy Hair Growth

The importance of healthy hair in overall beauty can not be ruled out as it plays and important role to make a person feeling and perceiving good and confident. Keeping in view the bad effects of using chemicals to hair for desired look and styles, it is not sufficient to avoid chemical to ensure healthy growth. However there are some recommendations of beauty experts to improve healthy hair growth.

Wet Hair handling

Always handle carefully when your hair is wet, because any stretching or snapping can break wet hair easily. For wet hair always use wide-toothed comb to set them freely and after getting dry hair you may change your normal comb to set hair accordingly.

Avoid Plastic Combs and Brushes

Hair ends can be torn and broken by using plastic bristle brushes, so these should be avoided to use. Instead you may use either a round of flat brush to comb dry hair and for damp hair the suitable brush is vide toothed comb which can be used safely without making hair damaged.

Brush before Shampooing

It is very important tip that you should brush your hair and scalp before applying shampoo to wash them out so that flakes on the scalp and product buildups can be removed easily.

Hard water Hair problems

If you are facing hair problems like dryness and dullness continuously, one of the possible reasons may be hard water. To counter the hard water build up on hair, use clarifying shampoo at least once in a week or take an aspirin, crush it and mix it to your shampoo for easy hair cleansing.

Use Ionic instead of Heated Styling Tools

Ionic hair tools are more suitable for hairs instead of traditional heated tools. Ions are atoms having positive or negative charge having ability to break up water molecules in the hair faster than other means.

Careful use of Hair Dryer

Always use hair dryer carefully that your hair could not get too hot, because it makes them broken and damaged. Use hair dryer blow with its lowest setting and don’t focus its nozzle at scalp concentrating on a point.

Use of Styling Products

Always be wise in using styling products, to much use of styling products is one of the main damaging effects causing hair problems like dullness, dryness, premature grey and hair loss.

Remove Dead Ends of Hair

In order to remove the dead ends, trim hair regularly, it also improves hair growth and health.

Hair Coloring Tip

If you are use to color your hair, always mist hair ends before coloring to ensure uniform color all over the hair. The reason behind is that hair ends are more brittle and porous, which absorb more hair color pigment and produce an awkward look after hair coloring.

Healthy Diet for Hair

It is has been revealed through medical researches that balanced and nutritious diet is the first requirement of healthy hair. Always eat well take proper diet to maintain healthy hair growth.

How to Tighten Breasts by Exercise?

If you have noticed that your breasts are becoming loose, flabby and drooping down day by day,  what you have done to solve the problem? Do you know the ways how you can make your breasts tightened and looking sexy? If the answer is no then here are some effective excercises for you to make your breasts tight and acctractive again. As you know that breast are made up of some fatty tissues and milk glands and breasts have no muscles. How ever there are some chest muscles under the breasts, which can be focused to improve your breast tightening. Physical exercises have been designed to tone up your chest muscles helping your breasts to look full and firm.

Physical Exercises for Breast Tightening Push up

Push up is one of the most effective exercises for breast tightening, but it is a little bit modified to obtain maximum breast firmness as mentioned below:-
a)    Lye on your stomach and keep your palms on the floor to the side
b)    Now bend your knees first
c)    Bend your elbows so that weight can be put on your palms ( you may turn your palms to 90’ if you like)
d)    Make your arms straight putting body weight on your palms and knees.
e)    Lift your body now slowly making your chin perpendicular to the floor.
f)     Now bend your elbows slowly to lower your body and when your arms go parallel to ground, rise slowly again.
g)    Do not let your chest to be touched on ground and again push your body up.
During exercise ensure the movement of your whole body feeling the puch at your chest restricting the movement of your head.Start this exercise with three sets and gradually increase the number of push ups in your sets.