Friday, May 4, 2012

3 Ways to Make your Breasts Big and Tightened

Beautiful, firm and tightened breasts is one of the essential parts of feminine beauty. So no body can deny that appearance of breast always been their thinking and having breasts tight, firm, healthy, beautiful and sexy are the dream of every woman. Here we discuss the natural ways to make breasts, beautiful, tight and firm with a sexy look.
Take Part in Healthy Sports
For a healthy body role of physical exercise can not be undermined, so always take part in healthy sports or atleast do physical exercise to keep your body healthy and strong. The reason behind is blood circulation which is improved by exercise and all the body parts get healthy blood which is necessary for its growth. Breasts are simililarly benefited with healthy exercise to improve their size and tightness. Do exercises to build up pectoral muscles which are situalted under the breasts and have an important location to raise your breasts up.
Use Papaya for Breast Tightning
Papaya has proved a very good breast stimulator having enzymes which also stimulate ovaries to produce specific hormones like estrogen, progestron and prolactin which are paved the mamary gland and tighten the breasts. So take a cup of papaya to make into juice with soy milk mixture as phyto-estrogen contained in soy have good effect on breasts. Then mix a little lime juice and 2 tablespoons of honey. Drink this delecious juice regularly on alternate days (with a gap of one day each)
Breast Mask for Tightning
Normally breast masks are prepared with rice flour or amylum materials. Rice flour is found useful to make breasts tightened with smooth skin and beautiful and sexy in look. Here is the complete procedure to know as how breast mask can be used.
a)    Clean your breast before applying mask. Soak a towel in warm water and wipe gently wrapping the breast skin and let them dry.
b)    Apply some oil on breast and massage it for 10-15 minutes slowly.
c)    Again clean the breasts with a damp towel and let them dry
d)    Take wet cotton to cover your breast’s nipples.
e)    Prepare mask by mixing rice flour and rose water and apply the same with the help of brush on breasts.
f)     Leave the mask on your breast for 10-15 minute or allow it to become dried.
g)    Apply warm water to clean your breasts and after that press with ice giving a pat on them gently with cotton already dampened freshner.
h)   This practice should be continued for at least 10 weeks for maximum results.