Monday, April 30, 2012

Top 10 Tips to Improve Healthy Hair Growth

The importance of healthy hair in overall beauty can not be ruled out as it plays and important role to make a person feeling and perceiving good and confident. Keeping in view the bad effects of using chemicals to hair for desired look and styles, it is not sufficient to avoid chemical to ensure healthy growth. However there are some recommendations of beauty experts to improve healthy hair growth.

Wet Hair handling

Always handle carefully when your hair is wet, because any stretching or snapping can break wet hair easily. For wet hair always use wide-toothed comb to set them freely and after getting dry hair you may change your normal comb to set hair accordingly.

Avoid Plastic Combs and Brushes

Hair ends can be torn and broken by using plastic bristle brushes, so these should be avoided to use. Instead you may use either a round of flat brush to comb dry hair and for damp hair the suitable brush is vide toothed comb which can be used safely without making hair damaged.

Brush before Shampooing

It is very important tip that you should brush your hair and scalp before applying shampoo to wash them out so that flakes on the scalp and product buildups can be removed easily.

Hard water Hair problems

If you are facing hair problems like dryness and dullness continuously, one of the possible reasons may be hard water. To counter the hard water build up on hair, use clarifying shampoo at least once in a week or take an aspirin, crush it and mix it to your shampoo for easy hair cleansing.

Use Ionic instead of Heated Styling Tools

Ionic hair tools are more suitable for hairs instead of traditional heated tools. Ions are atoms having positive or negative charge having ability to break up water molecules in the hair faster than other means.

Careful use of Hair Dryer

Always use hair dryer carefully that your hair could not get too hot, because it makes them broken and damaged. Use hair dryer blow with its lowest setting and don’t focus its nozzle at scalp concentrating on a point.

Use of Styling Products

Always be wise in using styling products, to much use of styling products is one of the main damaging effects causing hair problems like dullness, dryness, premature grey and hair loss.

Remove Dead Ends of Hair

In order to remove the dead ends, trim hair regularly, it also improves hair growth and health.

Hair Coloring Tip

If you are use to color your hair, always mist hair ends before coloring to ensure uniform color all over the hair. The reason behind is that hair ends are more brittle and porous, which absorb more hair color pigment and produce an awkward look after hair coloring.

Healthy Diet for Hair

It is has been revealed through medical researches that balanced and nutritious diet is the first requirement of healthy hair. Always eat well take proper diet to maintain healthy hair growth.

How to Tighten Breasts by Exercise?

If you have noticed that your breasts are becoming loose, flabby and drooping down day by day,  what you have done to solve the problem? Do you know the ways how you can make your breasts tightened and looking sexy? If the answer is no then here are some effective excercises for you to make your breasts tight and acctractive again. As you know that breast are made up of some fatty tissues and milk glands and breasts have no muscles. How ever there are some chest muscles under the breasts, which can be focused to improve your breast tightening. Physical exercises have been designed to tone up your chest muscles helping your breasts to look full and firm.

Physical Exercises for Breast Tightening Push up

Push up is one of the most effective exercises for breast tightening, but it is a little bit modified to obtain maximum breast firmness as mentioned below:-
a)    Lye on your stomach and keep your palms on the floor to the side
b)    Now bend your knees first
c)    Bend your elbows so that weight can be put on your palms ( you may turn your palms to 90’ if you like)
d)    Make your arms straight putting body weight on your palms and knees.
e)    Lift your body now slowly making your chin perpendicular to the floor.
f)     Now bend your elbows slowly to lower your body and when your arms go parallel to ground, rise slowly again.
g)    Do not let your chest to be touched on ground and again push your body up.
During exercise ensure the movement of your whole body feeling the puch at your chest restricting the movement of your head.Start this exercise with three sets and gradually increase the number of push ups in your sets.