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How, What and why, Laser Hair Removal Manhattan

Now a days laser hair removal has become a simple and effective way to remove your unwanted hair. Howeverr there are some questions which are frequently asked about the laser hair treatment.

Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

Yes laser hair removal treatment depending upon the latest technology is capable to produce results over 80-90 % or better permanent reduction in both male and female skins of all type. One thing should be kpt in mind that number of sessions required for complete treatment may vary person to person on account of age, type of skin, hair thickness, color, texture and hormonal balance. Laser hair removal manhattan centre ensures guarantee of satisfaction.

How many sessions are required to achieve a smooth skin?

This is another question which is frequently asked; as per laser hair removal manhattan centre information given on their official site, 3-6 sessions are sufficient for complete treatment. More than 50%  hair are removed permanently after 3 sessions and more than 90% results are commonly achieved after 6 treatments. Similar results may be expected for most areas of body like bikiny area, under the arms, on the arms including facial and chest areas. The most challenging area is considered the back area of men which may need some extra sessions as per the situation. Keeping in view the result difference from person to person you may get the required results before other people.

 How long should I wait between treatment sessions? How do I know when to come for next session?

In case of facial hair after first treatment session hair usually sheds away within 10 days and your next treatment will be on new  hair groth which is commonly seen after 5-6 weeks after the first treatment. The second portions is legs which are the best place fo laser hair removal treatment. Only three treatments are sufficient to have smooth ingrown free legs and at least 50% of hair reduction will be achieved at laser hair removal manhattan center. First 3 treamtns may need 6-8 weeks apart then you may need to go under treatment  8-12 weeks. The key point to determine your next treatment requirement is to observe new hair growth which is an indication that next treatment is required.

 Will I have hair between the sessions?

During treatment most of the treated area will be cleaned from hair and rest of the treated hair takes only two weeks to leave the area smooth and clean. If you are repeating the treatment sessions in time your treated skin will remain hairless, smooth and clean.

 How soon do I expect to see results? How do I know it is working for me?

The results will be seen starting with you VERY FIRST laser hair removal treatment session. You will observe the hair growth less and hair will become finer and weaker day by day. After each treatment session your hair pores becomes less visible making your skin smoother and clean. The results normally becomes more impressive with each following session making you confident and satisfied.

 What are the risks or possible side effects involved?

Laser hair removal manhattan centre is capable to handle laser hair removal treatment without causing any demage to skin. Use of right machines by experienced staff it is safe to get laser hair treatment. However some common symptoms due to short term reactions, may occur like redness and follicular edema like goose bumps.  These symptoms take just a few minutes to some hours to fade away. No serous skin demage or other reaction is experienced during or after treatment.

 Does Laser Hair Removal hurt?

Does not hurt at all. You will notice that Cynosure 9300 which is being used laser hair removal manhattan center provides much more comfort feeling for the skin due to its powerful air cooling system as comapred to other laser hair treatment. It is very easy treatment proved for all people to remove unwanted hair from all areas of body.

 Is Laser Hair Removal for everyone?

White, grey, light red or light blond hair follicles can not be treated by laser hair removal treatment. Moreover people suffering with PCOS(Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) may not get 100% results unless they are supported medically along wtiht laser hair removal treatment.

 Can I choose to achieve finer and less hair in some areas rather than a full removal?

Surely it is possible and laser hair removal manhattan center can customize your treatment according to your requirements, expectations and needs. You can get treatment to weaken and reduce your hair in any area while leaving a certain hair amount as you like.

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Friday, May 4, 2012

3 Ways to Make your Breasts Big and Tightened

Beautiful, firm and tightened breasts is one of the essential parts of feminine beauty. So no body can deny that appearance of breast always been their thinking and having breasts tight, firm, healthy, beautiful and sexy are the dream of every woman. Here we discuss the natural ways to make breasts, beautiful, tight and firm with a sexy look.
Take Part in Healthy Sports
For a healthy body role of physical exercise can not be undermined, so always take part in healthy sports or atleast do physical exercise to keep your body healthy and strong. The reason behind is blood circulation which is improved by exercise and all the body parts get healthy blood which is necessary for its growth. Breasts are simililarly benefited with healthy exercise to improve their size and tightness. Do exercises to build up pectoral muscles which are situalted under the breasts and have an important location to raise your breasts up.
Use Papaya for Breast Tightning
Papaya has proved a very good breast stimulator having enzymes which also stimulate ovaries to produce specific hormones like estrogen, progestron and prolactin which are paved the mamary gland and tighten the breasts. So take a cup of papaya to make into juice with soy milk mixture as phyto-estrogen contained in soy have good effect on breasts. Then mix a little lime juice and 2 tablespoons of honey. Drink this delecious juice regularly on alternate days (with a gap of one day each)
Breast Mask for Tightning
Normally breast masks are prepared with rice flour or amylum materials. Rice flour is found useful to make breasts tightened with smooth skin and beautiful and sexy in look. Here is the complete procedure to know as how breast mask can be used.
a)    Clean your breast before applying mask. Soak a towel in warm water and wipe gently wrapping the breast skin and let them dry.
b)    Apply some oil on breast and massage it for 10-15 minutes slowly.
c)    Again clean the breasts with a damp towel and let them dry
d)    Take wet cotton to cover your breast’s nipples.
e)    Prepare mask by mixing rice flour and rose water and apply the same with the help of brush on breasts.
f)     Leave the mask on your breast for 10-15 minute or allow it to become dried.
g)    Apply warm water to clean your breasts and after that press with ice giving a pat on them gently with cotton already dampened freshner.
h)   This practice should be continued for at least 10 weeks for maximum results.